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Scout Badges (Page under construction)

You can find details of all the Scout Activity Badges here

Badges you can work on at home / school etc

There are a number of badges you can easily gain working on your own

Click on the badges below to download the badge requirements. print the sheet off and once you've had your achievement verified hand the sheet into the Leaders at a Troop meeting so they can arrange for the badge to be awarded:

You can gain your Athlete badge using the results from your School / club athletic results. Simply click the badge to download a recording sheet

 You can gain your Craft badge using the results from your school D&T lessons. You should make or decorate an item. The project should take a minimum of 6 hours to complete.

You can gain your Musician badge by clicking on the badge and printing off the requirements of the stage you wish to attempt. Then complete the requirements and ask your music teacher to confirm you have done so.

 You can gain your Hikes Away badge by recording the number of hikes you have undertaken and presenting a list of your qualifying hikes to gain the badge. Badges are 5,10,20 & 50 hikes

Challenge Awards you can work on at home/school etc

 You can gain your Fitness Challenge using fitness activities you undertake at school (e.g. Athletics / Cross Country / Rowing etc) Simply click the badge to download a recording sheet.

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