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Chief Scout's Award Gold

The Chief Scout's Gold Award is the top Award you can gain as a Scout before moving on to Explorers. It is likely to take you 2 to 3 years of active participation in Scout Activities and camps away to achieve

To gain your Chief Scout's Gold Award you have to complete at least 8 of the Scout Challenge Badges. You can download a summary of progress to date in the Troop by clicking on the badge 

Successful Scouts!

Congatulations to the following who have all achieved their CSA Gold whilst in the Troop:


Hector Wylie, Ben Boxall, Oliver Keates, Zubin Roy, Fraser McIntosh


Elliott Horton-Stephens, Chris Watson, Matt Gorvett, Josh Papachristidis, George Chambers, Arnav Kapur, Ben Chong, Matt Emkes, Zack Faja, Kisan Patel


Alex Maxwell, Andrew Ward, Robert Lamb, Peter Georgiou, James Kirton, Oscar Gibson, Tim Sanmoogan

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