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History of Scouting at Dulwich

One day a proper history of Scouting at Dulwich may come to be written from the multitude of material we have in the archives. Until that day we hope the thoughts below will at laast give you a feel for the past 80+ years

A few brief notes...

In February 1929, HV "Vic" Styler then head of Mathematics at Dulwich College obtained permission from the new Master WR Booth to start a Scout Troop. Styler was well versed in starting Scouting in schools, as he had founded the Christ's Hospital Scouts in his previous post. The Troop register from Good Friday 29th March 1929 shows 11 boys being invested into the Troop in patrols Eagles, Owls & Peewits.

HR Hall, who joined us most recently at our 80th Anniversary dinner, & is still a strong supporter, joined in 1930, by which time Scouting in Dulwich was so popular that Troop II (36th Camberwell) had already been formed. Bill Hall was one of the mainstays of Dulwich Scouting in the early years along with Ivor Gipson "Gippo" and others. In 1937 at the age of 20 Bill obtained permission to start "Troop 3" (48th Camberwell) to be run and sponsored by the Old Alleynians rather than by the College.

 The war years were difficult times, with the school evacuated for some years, and staff and young OAs called up. returning from the war, Scouting was at its zenith, both nationally and in the College. The next two great names in leadership during the three decades from 1949 to 1981 were John Cottle and Stephen Howard and those privileged to have worked with them, have all been affected by the experience of knowing really decent men. They were supported throughout this period by CN Ridley, Phil Vennis, Barry Evans and many others with Troop IV being created in the late 1950. The Group moved into a new purpose built headquarters covering the entire upstairs of the PE Centre in 1967.

The 1970s & 80s saw the Troops in the safe hands of Garth Davidson, Chris Field & Frank Loveder (then Harold Maxfield) who further developed the Dulwich Scouting ethos, with the 48th being absorbed back into the Group in the late 1970s. The Venture Unit continued to provide quality Scouting for older boys under the leadership of Tim Birse(OA). In the 1990s as numbers and in particular leaders declined Troop I & IV amalgamated, camping jointly with Troop II for the final time in 2000. The Old Alleynian links have strengthened again in more recent years with Peter Evans(OA) having run Troop II since 1991 and James Chatwin( OA) the Explorers (formally Venture Scouts) from 2001 to 2010, with William Rhodes (OA) taking over the Explorers in 2010. Both the troop and the unit are supported by a substantial Old Alleynian leadership team and staff helpers. Numbers continue to increase with the 2010 census showing 127 Scouts, Explorers & Leaders in the Group

2012 sees the Group continuing to grow with a substantial waiting list. After several false starts and significant fundraising a new Headquarters is being built within the Trevor Bailey Sports Centre along the South Circular and we will move from the PE Centre, the Group's home since 1967.

Some more notes on the 3rd Dulwich College , which became the 48th Camberwell "Lorne Campbell's Own"Scout Group can be found here

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